Intergage Tech 20 

Beta Programme


What is it?

Free Business Software & VIP Support for 12 Months

We want to select 20 B2B clients to take a journey with us to implement an entire new 'customer care ecosystem' that will:

•    Increase sales
•    Improve productivity
•    Improve customer service   
•    Make GDPR a breeze

Best of all you’ll pay nothing for the software (max. 25 users) for 12 months and your onboarding project will be heavily subsidised. This will mean you can take a giant step forward in terms of technology and pay a fraction of the price you might ordinarily expect to pay for such a transformation.


B2B Businesses

With 5-25 users in roles such as:
  • Marketing 
  • New Business Sales 
  • Account Managers
  • Pre-Sales (Technical Specialists)
  • Post Sales (Tech Support & Customer Care)
  • Company Directors
  • Sales Administrators & Office Managers
  • And any other customer facing roles...

Business Leaders

With vision and ambition who:
  • Acknowledge that their CRM needs work
  • Want to embed processes for growth
  • Want to innovate in marketing and sales
  • Are happy being part of a small community
  • Who want to contribute ideas and best practice
  • Can commit to a 12-month programme 
  • Want to be a big fish in our small pond

Teams that...

Sell B2B technical solutions:
  • Sophisticated or complex products and solutions
  • Long(ish) sales cycles - typically months not weeks
  • To valuable, long-term customers
  • Involving multiple decision makers / stakeholders
  • Where after-sales support matters
  • Who want to grow sales 


A 12-month project to implement a single, cloud-based system to bring together 

Website | Blog | CRM| Quotations | Marketing Automation | Helpdesk


Q1 - Website
  • Migrate your site and blog onto our platform
  • Make up to 6 key improvements geared to increasing conversion
  • Equip your team with tools to personalise content and improve engagement
  • Your users trained to love the system and use it brilliantly 
Q2 - CRM, Sales & Quotations
  • Your CRM system configured to maximise customer retention
  • Your customer and contact records tailored to the needs of your various user groups 
  • Your customer data imported 
  • Your processes mapped and embedded
  • Online engagement scoring implemented (surfaces new sales leads from known contacts)
  • Your quotation system set up 
  • Your users trained to love the system and use it brilliantly
Q3 - Sales Management
  • Lead and opportunity tracking tailored to your process
  • Your outbound processes mapped and embedded
  • Your offline engagement scoring systems set up
  • Leaderboards set up
  • Your users trained to love the system and use it brilliantly
Q3 - Marketing Automation
  • Set up funnels for new business and customer campaigns
  • Collaborate to launch 3 initial campaigns and generate results 
  • Train your users to create and automate campaigns
  • Users trained to use and love the system
Q4 - Helpdesk / Support System
  • System configured to reflect your logging and escalation process 
  • Automate feedback emails
  • Analyse tickets by product / customer
  • Shares same database as CRM / Sales / Marketing for maximum visibility
  • Users trained to use and love the system
Personalised Records, Dashboards & Reports
  • Customer and contact records configured to meet your users' needs
  • On-screen lists / filters and reports configured for your users
  • Bespoke dashboard design (Sales / CRM / Marketing & Helpdesk)
Bespoke Templates
  • Quotations
  • eMail templates
  • Newsletter


Onboarding and configuration


Just £1,000 / Month  

For 12 months (£12,000 in total) 

Monthly Software Subscription

Up to 5 Users -  £495 / Month FREE for 12 months*
6-10 Users - £745 / Month FREE for 12 months*
11-15 Users - £945 / Month FREE for 12 months*
16-20 Users - £1,245 / Month FREE for 12 months*
21-25 Users - £1,495 / Month FREE for 12 months*

*Tech 20 beta programme participants also get 20% of list price for life.

Onboarding includes:
  • Initial discovery session 
  • Business systems audit & report
  • Custom migration and onboarding plan
  • Project management 
  • Integration with Microsoft Outlook
  • Privacy policy, cookies and GDPR policies
  • Contact forms
  • Initial Training
  • "Tech Stack" Software license (Website CMS / CRM / Marketing Automation / Helpdesk)
  • High-Quality Hosting (99.9% uptime guarantee)
VIP Support & Training 
  • Phone & email support - Monday-Friday - 9am-5.30pm
  • Monthly community meetings 
  • Monthly feedback meetings
  • Monthly check in calls with Account Manager
  • Unlimited access to open training sessions
  • Bespoke training sessions upon request


Find out if you qualify