About Us

Aug 2021

Intergage Marketing Systems started out over two decades ago as cloud-based CMS software before the terms CMS or Cloud-Based were even created!

In that time we have hosted hundreds of websites on the Intergage CMS (content management system) platform. 

Web technologies have changed considerably, from working hard to force the popular browser of the time to do what it was told, to adding an HD video to a webpage with a couple of mouse clicks. 

The Intergage CMS platform has been continuously developed, ensuring it complies with the latest regulations and SEO guidelines and adding or replacing features to keep the platform current. The Intergage CMS platform includes full Ecommerce, Event booking, Surveys and Blogging. 

Over the last five years we have created powerful new apps that take the Intergage CMS into a whole new world. Offering CRM, Marketing Automation, Sales tracking, Support Ticketing, Project Management and much more. 

These new apps have been built as part of the same system and are therefore all completely cohesive. There are no fragile integrations at play or duplicating of data. 

This has led to the software becoming known as the Intergage Marketing System (IMS). 

Fundamentally this system is still the same Intergage CMS that has powered our customers’ websites and will always provide that service with the same reliability and support we have always offered. The additional apps provide our customers with an opportunity to apply this new technology to supercharge their existing websites and their sales and marketing efforts. 

If you would like to find out more about the IMS and what it can do for you, please get in touch with us.