Intergage - Website Content Management

21st Apr 2022 12:00

The first in our 2022 series of events. This is an online webinar to look at basic content management within the IMS website application. For those of you who haven’t heard from Our new Account Manager Christian we have been working hard in the background to improve the CMS and have a new user interface which brings it more up to date and additional layout options available on something that we are calling the 'Launchpad'. This means that those little tweaks you have previously asked for that need an hour or two of our developer’s time to implement can now be addressed within the CMS saving you time and money.

To find out how this works and more why not join us on the 21st!

This will cover:

  •     Introductions
  •     The new user interface and login
  •     Basic page creation and SEO 
  •     Content management functionality available in the IMS
  •     Other IMS extensions/applications
  •     Q&A session

Does your Intergage CMS look like this?

CMS website homepage

Learn how to create unique events and get the best out of the functionality on your website pages, Events, Email Marketing and Product Manager.

Events CMS page

Speakers -

Gareth Collishaw - Business Development Director

Christian Wyle - Intergage Account Manager

Hannah Bryan - Operations Manager