Mammoth Hunting

26th May 2022 09:00

Hosted by Intergage and Anthony Willoughby from the Nomadic school of Business, this facilitated workshop is growing in adoption across the UK and abroad and now Intergage Clients have the opportunity to meet with Anthony and Intergage and look at your business Strategy from a unique point of view.

This unique methodology enables bold leaders to unlock and tap into incredibly valuable and under-utilised wisdom, knowledge and experience already in their organisation so that they can make better more inclusive strategic decisions and thus thrive and adapt in these changing and hostile environments.

The facilitated workshop use natural instinctive metaphors which remove jargon and unnecessary complexity inherent in traditional business and social ‘speak’, while ensuring everyone is round the same ‘fire’ and literally operating off the same ‘map’!

Based on many decades of hands-on research and practical experience working with tribes people and thousands of corporate executives across the globe, Anthony Willoughby has identified 10 Universal Icons which he believes are as relevant and as important today as they have been for at least the last 35,000 years and probably a lot longer.

At the start of our programmes participants are asked to consider three fundamental questions for themselves or their organisations:

  • What are you hunting?
  • What are you growing and protecting?
  • How does your contribution earn your seat at the fire?

This event is more productive with 2-3 members of your team - you can add them as additional attendees when you book. 

In Search of Inspiration

The methodology evolved from Anthony’s original conversation with tribal elders in 1981 in Papua New Guinea when he learnt first hand why it is essential to ‘know your territory’.

What you will gain from territory mapping  

  • Agreement of the most challenging issues and barriers currently facing the company 
  • Agreement of what company might look like in the future and the skills and competencies that the company currently has and will need to develop in the future to attain its destiny. 
  • Agreement on a small number of mission critical projects to help the company achieve success 
  • Outlining the individuals’ roles they might play in that success. 

It is one of the most engaging and memorable company idea building experiences available whilst tapping into your prehistoric nature to transcribe your modern-day business strategy into a community centric methodology. 

“Territory Mapping enabled us to fundamentally reappraise what it was we were trying to do and how best to achieve our goals. Honestly, such gems you could not make it up. It’s like mining gold” - Matt Broadway, former Group Commercial Officer, Dyson

“The great value of process was that it gave people who know each other quite well the opportunity to look at the issues through a different lens. I found the mapping process in particular really short circuited the conversation and got to honesty much quicker.” - Nick Kitchen, Global HR Manager IT, Unilever

“Good luck to you” - Warren Buffett, CEO of Berkshire Hathaway