One System for EVERY Customer Touch Point

Sep 2021

Money, your product or service, your staff, and your customers are the most important things in your business. 

You can track every penny of your money in your bank and accounting system. 

You have probably developed incredible systems for tracking your product or service delivery. 

You spend time with your staff and record each review, HR discussion, and personal detail. 

Considering the above, are you truly working that closely with your customers? 

Do you know where each of your customers came from? How they became a customer? What they first bought? Which members of staff they have spoken to over the years? What trends do they show that suggest what future products they would be interested in? What the lifetime value of the customer looks like? 

Is this information relevant to you? 

Take your best customer, and also take your worst customer. If you had the answers to the above questions for each how much of a story would that tell about how they became your best or worst customer? If it is the customer at fault, how could you spot this early on in a future customer? If this is a former business mistake, does this information provide insights to prevent a repetition? 

When a customer asks to speak to a senior member of the company, how do you prepare for that call? Without an accurate history (at the very least an accurate recent history) you could be heading for a very awkward conversation. 

When you decide you need to find all customers to meet certain criteria, are you able to simply search? Or are you populating the records first one by one so that you have something to search by? 

What if you had a CRM that contained all of this incredible information? Mainly automatically populated based on their touchpoints with your company. A database that is constantly growing with more and more insightful and accurate information. 

Would this help you service your customers better? Would this help you sell more business to the right customers? 

Could you sell more, more easily? 

Let us ask the right questions, let us understand your challenges, let us provide solutions you can afford, that make a real difference. 

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