Intergage Update – Wyles, Webinars, Mammoths and More

Spring is Coming! - Mar 2022

As some of you will be aware, the team here at Intergage Marketing Systems (IMS) has been taking some serious strides into the New Year. We thought it would be a suitable time to get in touch and with an update of what we’ve been up to and our plans for 2022. 

So what’s been going on here at the Marketing Systems team at Intergage? 

Intergage Office

Office Move

You will probably know by now that we bought a premises in Ferndown Industrial Estate and are busy creating a new and vibrant space for the team with a view to inviting all our clients to visit us in the near future.


To be frank though - as is so often the case with property projects - it has needed a bit more TLC than we had bargained for, so please bear with us.

Christian Wyle

Team Change

Some of you will know that Nicky (our senior account manager) has been on Parental leave with her new Daughter. To maintain service levels while Nicky is off, we have brought Christian Wyle onboard to help keep you all informed and feeling connected. Many of you will already have spoken with him.

If you have, you’ll know Christian is very much an intergager – as friendly and helpful as you would expect - please do give him a call at the office should you have any specific needs or challenges – he'd love to talk to you.