Intergage Update – New Events & Support

A new line up of events coming your way - Apr 2022

The team here at Intergage have been busy behind the scenes creating new events for all of our clients. These will be the first of a whole line up of new content to share with you over the coming year. 

So What's New...


Event - Website Content Management

21st Apr 2022 12:00

The first in our 2022 series of events. This is an online webinar to look at basic content management within the IMS website. For those of you who haven’t heard, we have been working hard to improve the CMS. We have a new user interface that will make your content more manageable. We also have a new platform that we are calling the 'Launchpad' which means that those little tweaks you have previously asked for that need our developer’s time can now be done by you, saving you time and money! To find out how this works and more why not join us on the 21st.

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Event - Mammoth Hunting

26th May 2022 09:00 - 12.00 or 13.00-16.00

(Choose either AM or PM half day when booking)

Hosted by Intergage and Anthony Willoughby from the Nomadic school of Business, this strategy workshop is growing in adoption across the UK and abroad and now Intergage clients have the opportunity to meet with Anthony and look at your business strategy from a unique point of view. This unique methodology enables bold leaders to unlock and tap into incredibly valuable and under-utilised wisdom, knowledge and experience already in their organization so that they can make better, more inclusive strategic decisions and thus thrive and adapt in these changing and hostile environments.

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