Website Content Management Event Link

Hi Everyone!

We wanted to make sure you all have the link for the event tomorrow afternoon. 

You should have the Invite for your Calendar already, if not please see below for all the details.

Date; Thursday 21st April 2022

Time; 12:00 - 13:30

Link; Teams Meeting - Event Link

We look forward to speaking with you all then!

Kind regards,

IMS Team

Event - Website Content Management

21st Apr 2022 12:00

The first in our 2022 series of events. This is an online webinar to look at basic content management within the IMS website. For those of you who haven’t heard, we have been working hard to improve the CMS. We have a new user interface that will make your content more manageable. We also have a new platform that we are calling the 'Launchpad' which means that those little tweaks you have previously asked for that need our developer’s time can now be done by you, saving you time and money! To find out how this works and more why not join us on the 21st.

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