Who do you know?

As a valued Intergage Client you have probably been with us for a while and know how hard we work for you. The support we provide and the constant high quality service for your website, business and team. Hopefully you see us an extended part of the family!

Intergage is looking to expand our family and make some new websites and offer our new services. We have always felt our best clients (you guys) are people we know and we understand, to help you and give you a more personal service... we think you would might know someone?


The art of recommendation is based on trust and trust alone. It is valued above all else, we can see this in our daily need to absorb online videos about life hacks, social media posts by influencers, anything we perceive to be relevant information. We trust the producers of this content to be true.

It is also the single most valueable assest a business can have. Without it there is no relationship and therefore no progress. In every aspect of our lives there is always a measure of trust between people. In a digital business it is the promise of what one can do for the other. Sticking to your word and keeping your promises means a better relationship and therefore, more trust. 


What we are looking for 

Giving a good recommendation to someone is an acknowledgement of belief, in that person's ability, their skills and the confidence you have in them to be able to keep to their promises. 

Someone with..

  • An outdated website 
  • struggling to manage all their clients
  • expensive third party extras
  • unused and complicated software
  • Analog business that could benefit from a digital presence

Your friends might just benefit from an introduction from you.

This is very important to us and as a sign of gratitude for any recommendations we would like to offer an extra little something to you.

What's in it for me 

With any website nowadays there is always the use of images and video content, more exciting, more relevant to improve visitors. This can also be a burden on your website loading time. Speed is of the essence when it comes to keeping a visitors attention. If the page load is any more than 2-3 seconds you begin to lose the visitor through frustration.

To keep your page load time to a minimum we have a very clever piece of code that will improve this whilst allowing you to keep those beautiful high res images on your website. 

It is called 'Lazy Loading' and is added to all website pages and dramatically increases the page load speed. It is normaly 2-3hrs of development work but with every recommendation we will credit 30 mins development time to go towards this piece of work for your website.