Software Heart

Aug 2021

There are many CRM, CMS and Automation platforms available today. On the face of it they are similar and can only be compared on price. 

Many of these platforms came about from taking an existing smaller tool and widening it to cover a broader spectrum. Often these started with a CRM. Usually the tool the system was based on remains apparent at the heart of the bigger tools. 

The Intergage IMS began life over 2 decades ago as a CMS platform (before the terms CMS and Cloud computing existed). It started life with a focus on the customer, customer experience and customer engagement. With the addition of CRM, Marketing Automation, Sales, Support, Project Management and other apps, customer experience and customer engagement remains at its heart. 

Sell off the page platforms are largely designed to attract a wide audience, provide a self-service sales and onboarding process and quick results. Unfortunately, they also tend to include self-service support and training too. 

The tools can be customised to provide a closer match to each business's needs, but often there are a few frustrations that are never quite right. This leads to jumping from one platform to another to solve one frustration whilst introducing two new ones. 

The business software you use is the digital heart of your business. There are plenty of off the shelf digital hearts available, and there are a few specialist digital hearts. 

We don’t sell off the page, you engage a real person with a real heart, they understand your problem, your pain and your challenges and work on a dedicated solution for you. What you get is a tool that works for you – and your business. 

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