The First and Last Step is Analysis 

Sep 2021

Decades ago I was told that for every hour you spend planning, you save two during implementation and testing. There are lots of sceptics who feel this applies to someone else, and that they can plan and implement at the same time. 

Quite often we plan when driving to work, or walking the dog, or washing up. This means that when we skip the planning stage and go straight into implementation, in our head we do have an idea of the plan. This can often be sufficient on personal, or small business problems. 

On larger projects, or those involving more than one person, a well-documented plan is essential for ensuring each person is on the same page. Everyone involved must know where they are starting from and understand what the end should look like. 

Fundamentally, before the plan comes the analysis, the part that examines what you already have, what needs to happen, and what the end looks like. Whilst this is often assumed, it is critical that the analysis doesn’t make incorrect assumptions. 

When working on projects involving third parties, like a builder, they will do a site survey before they start to understand what is already there. This is part of the initial analysis, along with documenting the client requirements, and discussing the outcome. 

The analysis becomes a guiding document throughout the planning, implementation and testing phases. At each point it is referred back to, ensuring there is no creep or error. 

At the end of the project, there is a sign off of the end product against the initial analysis. Fundamentally, does it do what was promised, and does it meet the objectives. 

We regard a thorough business analysis as one of the most valuable and insightful pieces of work we can provide to our customers. It is always the first step in our projects to ensure our customers always get exactly what they need. There is always a last step to ensure the first analysis and the end product are aligned. 

Of course, whilst this may be the last step of the project, the project is the first step of the journey. 

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