Welcome to the Intergage Marketing Systems Blog

Dec 2021

As we start to move into 2022 we aim to be updating you with news and relevant articles on all topics related to web, CRM, best practice and digital in general.

As you may have been aware there have been a lot of changes in terms of focus and service offering here at Intergage and this blog section aims to keep you abreast of the latest developments; for the company and for the Intergage Marketing System.

Many of you will have been contacted by our Client Services team in the lead up to Christmas. If you have not heard from us yet, then we have either not been able to contact you or we are still in the process of getting in touch. Should you have any issues or requirements you’d like to discuss with us please do get in touch either via the usual routes or the website and the team will be happy to help.

The aim here at Intergage Marketing Systems is to increase the contact we currently have with our client base and to ensure that we are supporting you and your businesses moving into the new year and onward.

The first post will be up shortly and will outline the opening times across the Christmas period and how you can contact us should you need to.