About Us

May we introduce ourselves briefly?

Helping ambitious businesses grow by using sales and marketing technology better.

Sales and marketing is a process. Like any business process it can be made more effective and more efficient with the right technology. 

We are happy to be B2B marketing techies. We love marketing and sales technology that helps:

  • Business leaders grow their business and feel in control of that growth
  • Marketing leaders generate a steady flow of high-quality leads, nurture those leads better and create more opportunities for sales
  • Sales leaders discover and track opportunities better, improve response times and provide their teams with an unfair advantage

We believe that most businesses have the potential to double their profitability through better marketing and our mission is to help them do exactly that.

We don't much like talking about ourselves but Google us and you'll find plenty of reviews from our customers. They say all the nice things we're too embarrassed to say. Check us out on Glassdoor and you will find that even people who leave us still love us. Which is nice.  

If you make us talk about ourselves, we'll say...

We've been around for a while, since the turn of the century actually... We've always managed the business well, we believe we are ethical and we believe we always seek to do the right thing, even when nobody is looking and even if it costs us money.

We believe we are nice people who care about the community and the world we live in. We're straight and honest and we try really hard to make our customers happy and provide our But that's enough about us, can we talk about you now, please?




Meet Our Core Team

Andy New

Andrew Roberts

Managing Director


Hannah Bryan

Operations Manager


Helen Selby

Data Migration Specialist

Kacper New

Kacper Godlewski

Front End Developer

Jesse new

Jesse Chissell

Apprentice Digital Marketeer

The team at Intergage Marketing Systems are always friendly, helpful and approachable.

We are just at the end of the phone so please get in touch.