The Intergage
Marketing System

A single system to manage
your entire customer journey.


This is Cohesive CRM.

End the frustration of disjointed software systems 

Power your business from a single, cloud-based system.

  • Get a 360° view of all marketing, sales and service activities
  • Surface new sales opportunities
  • Maximise sales and reduce marketing costs with automation
  • Improve customer service by empowering customers to help themselves
  • Gain critical new business insights

What is Cohesive CRM?

A Single System, Multiple Apps

Websites + ECommerce


Marketing Automation

Project Management

Sales Management

Support Ticketing

Why do we do it?

We believe your website should be an extension of your CRM system, a gateway to your business and an online system for servicing and supporting your customers. We call this "Cohesive CRM".


We will help you maximise automation, minimise software licenses, eliminate data silos and end integration nightmares. We'll also migrate and consolidate all of your existing data so that you don't have to start from scratch.


Let's work out where to start


How to get started

Tailoring the system to suit your needs.

The Cohesive CRM is highly configurable. This means we can give you most  of the benefits of a bespoke system without the expense. Find out more.


Let's discuss your requirements



In addition to our integrated system, we also deliver a range of services to support our clients with their marketing communications.


Branding | Website Design & Build | Copywriting | Graphic Design

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