Types of CTAs, and How to Use Them

Dec 2022

Types of CTAs, and How to Use Them

megaphone ctaAs a business owner, you know that you need to create compelling calls to action if you want your website visitors to take the desired actions. But what are the different types of CTAs, and how can you use them to increase conversions? In this blog post, we will discuss the different types of CTAs and give you tips on how to create ones that will compel your website visitors to take action.

Firstly, what is a CTA? A CTA is a short phrase or sentence that encourages your website visitors to do something, such as subscribe to your newsletter, buy your product, or sign up for your service. CTAs can be in the form of text, images, buttons, or even videos. Creating compelling CTAs can assist in moving leads through the sales funnel and customer journey to the final desired action.

Form CTA

Forms are a great way of gathering information from your website visitors and converting them into leads, then nurturing them.

Replace your ‘submit’ or ‘send’ form buttons with something enticing and interesting. Place something relevant to your content offer such as ‘Download now’ instead!

Lead generation and nurturing

Lead generation is all about converting your website visitors to customers, and a lead generation specific CTA will assist with this. Place this on your website in a space of high traffic from unique visitors. Make these calls to action eye catching and clear on what you’re communicating.Sales Funnel cartoon Graphic

Often, lead gen CTAs are for gated content – allowing you to collect the visitors information in exchange for something valuable – like a whitepaper or free template. Ensure your visitors know the value of the content within the call to action – people don’t tend to hand out their contact information for nothing!

These types of CTA can work well for lead nurturing too, offer warm leads free trials or workshops to entice them into wanting to know more about your product offering. Showcase these in spaces of your website that you know already qualified or warm leads are visiting.

Social share CTA

ipad iconAssist your leads and customers in becoming your businesses promoters by adding a ‘share to socials’ button to your website!

Typically these do well on blog pages or landing pages!

This is an easy way for your customers or potential leads to engage with your brand in a customisable way.

Read more CTA

Entice your website visitors by displaying part of a post at a time, with a read more button leading to a specific landing page. An example of this would be for blog post and/or case studies. If you’d like to promote these on a homepage, you typically don’t want to showcase ALL of the information on the homepage. Add a short description or excerpt of the article and add an enticing ‘read more’ or ‘learn more’ option at the bottom.

Sales CTA

sales tagYour lead has been generated and nurtured, they’re on the final few steps of your salesfunnel, looking at pricing content on your website and looking to contact your salespeople.

This is the perfect time and place to put a closing sale CTA, on a product page or relevant blog page. Offer a conversation with a  sales rep with a “contact sales” button and wait.

Promotional CTA

Promote a workshop or event with a promotional CTA. This CTA can belong in a plethora of pages, including relevant blogs, landing pages, social posts and more – anywhere your site or channels reach high-traffic.

The basic principle here is that there is no one best method for designing CTAs. Rather, the ideal form, colour, copy, and style depend on both the message you are trying to convey and the audience you are trying to reach. So, be bold when it comes to CTA design - the investment will be worth it.