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Mastering On-Page SEO for B2B Websites: A Checklist

 12th Dec 2022

Firstly, What is On-Page SEO?

On-page, SEO is the process of optimising pages on your website to improve user experience and search engine rankings. In this blog, we’ll discuss how to improve on-page SEO by optimising URLs, title tags, meta descriptions and internal links, and much more.

Short, Descriptive URL Structure

Your URL must be short and descriptive, to inform searchers what the page is about in search engine results. A URL ending: in/article/224552211, is not descriptive and gives no information to the user.

Structure your URLs like these examples:

These are short and sweet - giving the user all of the information they need in the SERP.

Title Tags

Similar to URL, title tags will display in search results.
help the user understand the page contents by optimising the title tag.
It is generally good practice to include keywords within the title tags, along with emotive, compelling words.

Compelling Meta Descriptions

Similar to the previous, your meta description will be shown in SERP’s - you want this to expand on the title tag, include primary keywords where possible, and keep it short and sweet.

Typically the meta description in SERP’s will begin to cut off after around 120 characters, so it is generally good practice to keep it short and punchy.

Optimise Media

Optimise your media within your website to improve on-page SEO.
Use descriptive language within the Alt-text of the image to improve accessibility rankings, and user experience - this description will replace the image if it fails to load!

Internal Links

mind mapInternal links can help search engines understand your website when crawling. This can also improve user-experience, and your websites bounce-rates.

Scan your web pages for link opportunities such as resources, references, indexing, and more. Building your internal linking structure is a worthy time-investment that will yield significant results

The on-page SEO checklist we've provided will help you identify and fix many of the issues you may have with your site's on-page SEO. By following this list, you can achieve a strong overall SEO score for your site.


Follow this on-page SEO checklist to start maximizing the visibility of your website in search engine results. Stay up to date with the latest algorithms and adjust your strategies accordingly for long-term success.