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B2B Website Design 

Our typical client is an ambitious B2B sales and marketing organisation. For them, a website is an important communication tool for both new and existing customers. They don’t tolerate flaky websites. They don't want to hear excuses for downtime, poor integration or second-rate support. They need a website (and a technology partner) they can rely on.


Our customers want B2B websites to be functional and beautiful. We craft elegant websites that blend functionality with form - to look good and deliver results. 


Today a website is often a strategic component of a bigger solution. Integration with CRM, customer support and other marketing systems is becoming normal.


We also provide CRM and marketing automation systems - offering complete online solutions for acquiring and retaining customers.

Master the Web Design Process


Website projects can be tricky. If you want to build a website that:

  • you are proud of
  • your customers find useful and easy to use
  • ranks in search engines for the right phrases
  • that converts visitors to leads

This takes time and skill.

Intergage has been building elegant, functional, search-engine-friendly, and updateable websites since the turn of the century.

We’ve built hundreds of websites and gathered an enormous amount of experience - developing a process for mastering a web design project we'd be happy to share with you.


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A Strategic Approach to B2B Web Design

The chances are that every potential customer will visit your website at some point on their buying journey - it must be as reliable, modern, and customer-centric as your customers expect your business to be.

Whether you are building a brochure site, a lead-generation site, or a sophisticated e-commerce website, defining what success looks like is critical to a successful project. So too is understanding what works (and what doesn’t) on your existing site. Nobody wants to throw the baby out with the bath water. Throwing away hard-earned, vitally important, search-engine rankings because a project got rushed, makes no sense (and is surprisingly common).

Strategic approach

B2B Website Portfolio


B2B Websites should be both elegant and functional. A website - perhaps more than any other marketing asset – will speak to your potential next customer of your values, your offer, and your approach to business. Get this right and you’ll be proud to say, “Our website address is…”.


These Intergage clients are justifiably proud of their B2B websites.


Click through to read more about each project

MRT homepage

MRT Castings

06/Jan/2023 11:06:37

Intergage is proud to be associated with MRT Castings - a multi-award-winning business that has experienced outstanding growth in recent years.

abbey supply homepage

Abbey Supply

06/Jan/2023 11:05:54

Abbey Supply is a trade-only distributor of maintenance products for guns for recreation, sport, and defence. The business specialises in Airsoft recreational products and sells via an international network of resellers. 

vikoma homepage


06/Jan/2023 11:04:44

Vikoma is a world leader in innovative oil recovery and environmental solutions, with over 50 years of experience.

BTC homepage

BTC Engineering

06/Jan/2023 11:02:45

A German Manufacturer of solution-based bearing products & components

ICS Robotics homepage

ICS Robotics

06/Jan/2023 11:01:02

Robotic automation solution specialists.

DDC Dolphin homepage

DDC Dolphin

06/Jan/2023 10:57:29

A UK Manufacturer of Infection Control

An Outside-In Perspective


There is only one thing we can do for your business better than you can do for yourself; to look at it from the outside in. Trying to understand what your business looks like to a stranger is like trying to read the label on a bottle from inside the bottle.


Your website partner needs to provide frank, honest feedback. The best partners for a website build tell you what you need to hear, which may not always be what you want to hear.

That's why our number one corporate value is courageous honesty.


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5 Types of Website Project


How much does a house cost to build? It’s a daft question without context, of course. Even a broad estimate depends on the size, location, quality, and features of the house you have in mind. A detailed answer will require the architect’s drawings. Without a plan, it’s impossible to say. The same is true of a website.

There are five approaches to website projects:

  1. The website journey - You know you need a new website but you need to work through what you need and why - ideally paying for each step as you go.
  2. Build to your budget - You have a budget and you need the best result possible. You want to understand the stages of web design and allocate a budget to each stage.
  3. Specified by you - You give us a detailed brief – typically website page wireframes – and we’ll price the build based on your detailed plan.
  4. Growth-led design for new websites. Build a minimal viable site, launch it and test it as you go. Grow and invest in it as you discover what your visitors want and engage with.
  5. The technical "lift and shift" - moving your existing website to a new platform in order to take advantage of new possibilities (e.g. CRM or Marketing Automation)

The B2B Website Design Journey


The journey to a new website can be up to several months. Allow enough time for your project, get prepared, and go into this with your eyes open. No website project is painless. You will have to invest time and effort and our questions may well make your brain hurt! A typical project will involve:

Website journey


  • Analysis to evaluate the current site’s situation, performance, competitors, and competitive position
  • Strategy to agree upon realistic and achievable project objectives within budget
  • A messaging review to ensure that your business is differentiated from the competition, sales messages are sharp, persuasive, current, and relevant to the audience
  • Specification – agreeing on the structure and architecture of the site
  • Wireframe and content audit – establishing the assets required (pictures, videos, and copy) and what needs to be reproduced, imported, refreshed, created, or re-created.
  • Content creation (graphics, infographics, video, images, photography, copywriting, etc.)
  • Design
  • Build
  • Testing and QA

The role of the Project manager is critical and cannot be underestimated. The Project manager will be tasked with keeping the website project on track and ensuring that the process is followed. Customers are asked to sign off at every stage to ensure that the project ends with a finished result that will make our next great case study. Each discreet stage has value.


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B2B Website Guide Prices

We typically work on projects in the range of £7.5-£30K.

Can we do them more cheaply? Yes, of course. It’s technically possible to build a simple website in a day or two, but the price depends on:


  • how big the website is
  • how beautiful the result is required to be
  • how much bespoke functionality is required
  • how much work (research, strategy, and messaging) the client has done in advance
  • how involved the client wants to be
  • and how well-prepared the content is.

If you are interested, we will happily sit down with you and share examples.



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Content Management

Your Website is Never Finished – The Case for Content Management


If you want your business to be found in search engines when your next potential customer looks for a solution to their problems, then you’ll need to keep your website and blog up to date with the information that your customers will love. For that, you’ll need a content management system (CMS). Intergage websites are all built using a CMS which means you can update your site yourself and add new pages and new page sections whenever and wherever you need to.


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automation graphic

Add Marketing Automation to Your Website


Imagine being able to watch your customer engage with your new website content and demonstrate interest - perhaps by visiting a pricing page, watching a video, or downloading a white paper. Now imagine automatically enrolling them in a marketing campaign as a result.


As the marketing campaign is delivered, your customer opens e-mails, clicks links, and engages with more content. You notify your sales team automatically. A follow-up call is scheduled by the system. 

Marketing automation just served up a warm lead on a plate!


Supercharge your Business and Marketing with Our A.I. Tools


AI is a game-changer in moulding business strategy, streamlining automation processes and elevating your marketing strategies and content. Experience the influence of AI in refining overarching strategies to achieve maximum impact. Let AI lend its expertise to optimise automation, ensuring tasks are executed with precision and efficiency.

But it doesn't end there - AI tools can revolutionise your marketing game. Imagine personalised, compelling marketing copy crafted by AI, speaking directly to individual consumers and propelling your marketing efforts to new heights. In the ever-evolving landscape of AI, business, and marketing, innovation knows no bounds. Embrace the future with cutting-edge solutions. 

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With over 20 years in the business, we have solved almost every imaginable website problem. Sit down and talk to us. An initial consultation is free of charge.



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