GA4 and Google Tag Manager

Sep 2022

Whats the Update?

GTM/GA4 Implementation 

As some of you may know already, Google Analytics is sunsetting in July 2023 - If you're not aware, or would like more information on this, check our blog.

Why the change? 

Officially, Google is retiring its old Analytics and Universal Tracking systems. It is being replaced with an alternative named GA4. 

Unofficially, Google is occupying an extremely high and costly amount of server disc space, and now provides relatively little insight into user's website behaviour. 

In really simple terms: Analytics no longer provides useful tools for Google and therefore a new instance has been created.  

What can I do? 

Do you use analytics? Well this applies to you!
Do I need to change anything?

There are few things you need to know....

Essentially yes... it you have universal analytics (current) then that will last until July next year, but you will then lose your analytical data as google turns off this service. if you want to start collating new analytics data from now you will need to make some changes...

We are offering the following built-in tracking methods

The new GA4 is coming in to play and the reason we are offering changes is because you will no longer have access to your data from the current universal GA instance. 

So we are proposing a move to set up Google Tag Manager which will allow you to have analytics through your current GA and new GA4. 

Alternatively we can assist with the implementation of a thirdparty software called Matomo which will include pages, funnel URLs, Ecommerce and User tracking out of the box. 

If you are already using Global Site Tag we can help with that as well!

So, What needs to happen? 

You will need to set up a new Google Tag Manager account and link it to your GA4 property in your analytics account.
If you want us to do this for you we can! 

Fortunately the tracking of both GTM and GA4 can be easily added to your website CMS.

Which one do I choose?


Intergage provides free integrations for GA4 from Google Tag Manager (GTM). When using GTM this also requires substantial configuration which we can provide once we understand the depth of your requirements for analytics.  


For out of the box analytics, we recommend using Matomo Analytics. As it is easy to configure with the CMS and gives you all the current analytics you are using right now.
There is a monthly fee, but it is relatively affordable. Look Here to find out more.

If you think you need help, you might want to discuss this with us on how to choose which option to look into.  

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How Intergage can Help

We can help.... 

  • Set up GTM accounts 

  • Link it to your CMS by adding the correct tracking codes 

  • Create GA4 Property in Analytics  

  • Explain how universal tracking code (GA3) will work alongside GTM 

  • Add Global Site Tag, if needed

  • Configure new tracking with GTM 

  • Provide an explanation on what it does track 

  • Test the new set up to ensure it is connected 

  • And provide  'how to' videos

We hope you find this information useful, as always feel free to contact us if you have any queries or book a meeting to discuss further.

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