A Successful Mammoth Hunt! - May 2022

May 2022

A Successful Mammoth Hunt!

Intergage is very pleased to announce the success of the recent Mammoth Hunting event! (No actual mammoths were harmed during the event.)

Mammoth Hunting MAY 01

What is Mammoth Hunting?!
In short, it is a wonderful, creative workshop for business leaders to discover new ways to strategise, collaborate and communicate. 
We've just hosted a successful Mammoth Hunting Event at St Leonard's Hotel, Bournemouth, on the 26th May, 2022. 
If you didn't get to attend this event, we hope you'll consider joining next time! We are so pleased the event was well received. The purpose of the Mammoth Hunt is to help attendees identify and communicate their challenges and devise new ways of solving them.
The Day

We hosted two sessions of this event, one in the AM and another PM, and opened both with the incredible Anthony Willoughby, (perfectly described as "very natural and inspiring" by one attendee). Anthony has been a good friend of Intergage for many years. 

Anthony walked the groups through the concept of 'Mammoth Hunting' - a metaphor for gaining clarity on what you are hunting, farming and protecting as a tribe. He then explained to the delegates how to draw 'territory maps' - visual representations of their current business situation and its challenges. He shared some amusing and interesting examples of maps drawn by other business leaders and their teams. The maps revealed some interesting differences in perception!

Territory mapping is a wonderful exercise in creativity. It encourages the delegate to think 'outside the box'.  It helps him or her to find new perspectives. 

On the day, everybody in the group completed their 'territory maps'. Having done so, they shared and compared them. All agreed that it made the process of explaining challenges and strategy much easier than conventional methods.

Making Strategy Visual

The business leaders also agreed that in a team situation, it would enable them to understand the perspectives of others more easily and provide new insights. 

This event always stimulates great conversation and collaboration. As delegates help each other with new perspectives, we see new relationships and connections being born.

Strategy can be lonely work. Territory mapping makes it more fun and more inclusive. It certainly makes it easier to identify, discuss and solve issues collaboratively.

Here at Intergage, we found that the workshop identified some fascinating new insights and differences in perception. 

We'd love you to experience this event for yourself. Let us know if you'd like to join us next time.


"(The Event was) Fascinating, (it) made me look at things in a different light" 

- Tony Milton, Director of Sales, All Sorts UK Limited.


Mammoth Event - Group Picture 2022 May