Mammoth Hunting MAY 03

A Successful Mammoth Hunt! - May 2022

May 2022

Intergage is very pleased to announce the success of the recent event - Mammoth Hunting! 

Read on to discover why Tony Milton of All Sorts UK Ltd described the event as "Fascinating".

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Our CRM Philosophy 

May 2022

Isn't philosophy for the likes of  Aristotle? Do we really need a philosophy for a customer database?

You're right, it's a little preposterous to assume that something like a customer database would have aspects of such importance as sins and virtues but if you take a look at the philosophy behind why we have spent so much time working on ours, you might find something that resonates with you.



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The Perfect Touchpoint

Apr 2022

What is a Touchpoint? Normally characterised as any interaction with your business and a customer, whether that's through a person, a website, an ad, or an app. But more importantly, it is an opportunity to engage with your customers and have a positive effect.

So why is it important and how do we ensure that each time we talk to a customer they get the best possible experience?

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WCM Event a Success!

Apr 2022

Our first event of 2022 involving content management and hosted by our Business Development Director and Operations Manager was received very well for our clients to better understand the nature of their CMS and how they can improve and make changes faster and more effectively. All those that attended came away with new tips & tricks for the CMS!

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An Invite to Mammoth hunting

Apr 2022

Don't miss the Mammoth!

We hope you had a wonderful Easter Break, getting out in the much needed sunshine, eating too much chocolate and having a 'relaxing' family time. The Intergagers thought we would put togther a video message from our CEO....

nomadic mapping

Mammoth hunting

Mar 2022

The mammoth hunting territory mapping workshop is a creative exercise for business leaders. You will discover a new way to communicate business strategy and collaborate with your leadership team.  Shortcut the strategy process. Make and communicate plans quickly without having to spend weeks in endless strategy sessions going around in circles. 

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Google's Universal Analytics no longer processing data from 01/07/2023

Mar 2022

Google Analytics has made us aware last week that Universal Analytics will no longer process new data from the 1st of July 2023. This has been on the cards for a while with the launch of Google Analytics 4, but what does that mean to you?

Intergage Office

Intergage Update - Wyles, Webinars, Mammoths and More

Mar 2022

Spring is Coming! - Mar 2022

An update of what we’ve been up to and our plans for 2022.